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Product name : 3D Foot Scanner "FootStep PRO"

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The Footstep PRO is a 3D Footprint Measurement Machine that utilizes a rail type laser measurement system. By measuring foot components(instep, heel, toe, and sole) this machine accurately recreates foot shape images/data. The data/image is then immediately displayed in 3D format to anylyze the specifications and problem areas of the feet. It is widely used in Podatrist's offices and Chiropractors.

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Category Welfare / Caregiving / Rehabilitation Equipment / Tools

Member information

Company name
A-Lex International Marketing, LLC

Zip code

1590 Touhy, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA

Number of employees
1 - 4 people

Business area Parts / Materials
Medical Care / Welfare / Biotechnology
Retail price
(including tax)
24,900 USD
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negotiation request
Price includes:
Main unit(Footstep PRO),Foot Measurement Software, Foot Analysis Software, Laptop/PC,Laser Printer
Contact TEL number +1 847-593-7000
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