Global Exhibition

What are the advantages of becoming a buyer at "24expo Global Exhibition"?

By simply registering as a buyer, you can easily participate in negotiations with exhibitors
from Japan, China and Korea absolutely free of charge.

You'll save on travel costs too because you can negotiate from the comfort of your own home
rather than going on expensive overseas business trips.

You can gather information on new products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are the advantages of exhibiting with 24expo Global Exhibition?

1Exhibiting fees are completely free to participate in our trade fair.

2You can showcase your products to the global marketplace.

3Your products will be visible 24 hours a day.

4Expand into overseas markets by opening up possibilities for export.

Booth charges in USA 24EXPO Center
You can showcase in Japan Pavilion, Korea and China.

         Yearly cost of advertising
Booths by type Number of products
that can be exhibited
Length of time to be shown Exhibiting Fee
Booth A Less than 3 items 36 months $0
Booth B Less than 5 items 36 months $0
(1) You will be charged actual cost for translation English to other languages if we undertake your order.
(2) We provide associations or gourps with similar services. Please inquire about the details by e-mail.

Upcoming planned functionality at 24expo Global Exhibition

1Add industry specific shopping malls as well as further specification

2Product promotion and distributor functionality

3Add English functionality to make the marketplace accessible to English speaking
         countries in addition to Japan, China and Korea

Support Center
1 Order translation
Order Japanese,Chinese and Korean translation of product information
2 Order necessary image creation
Order company logos and product images
3 Credit checks
Overseas buyer credit checks
4 Negotiation by proxy
Carry out negotiation with an exhibitor's overseas buyers